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The Opportunity

  • The reason why we need Data Science is the ability to process and interpret data.
  • This enables companies to make informed decisions around growth, optimization, and performance.
  • Data Science empowers better business decision-making through interpreting, modelling, and deployment.
  • This helps in visualizing data that is understandable for business stakeholders to build future roadmaps and trajectories.
  • Implementing Data Science for businesses is now a mandate for any business looking to grow.

Data Science is a deep study of any amount of data, which involves extracting meaningful insights from raw, structured, and unstructured data that is processed using scientific methods, different technologies, and algorithms.

  • It is one of the most sought after skills in all industries globally.
  • It is an employable skill.
  • 80% of students get employment within the first year after completing their studies.
  • After only one year of employment as a Data Scientist a salary of R450k p/y is not uncommon.
  • As a Data Scientist, you are not bound to work for a specific business.
  • One of the key rewards is that you get to work with the latest technology so you get to work in your own field of expertise (something that interests you).
  • Data Science is a wide career. A professional in this field can choose multiple paths in industries like Medical, Insurance, Financial, Agriculture, Education, to name only a few.
  • You can work in the capacity as a free lance consultant (advisory service), a permanent employee as a Data Scientist, as a trainer in Data Science/Data Analytics, a Tutor/Coach/Mentor for junior Data Scientists, as a Curriculum Developer for Data Science courses, etc.

At SIGNIFY we value aptitude and attitude – demonstrate those and you’re sure to thrive in our Academy. Whilst there are some specific pre-requisites for our full qualification, (these can be found on the course pages in the Pre-requisites box), for the most part we don’t have specific educational or experience pre-requisites.

On the Our Courses page of the website there is a handy tool to assist you in finding the best content, location and duration of study to meet your needs.
Alternatively, you can download a brochure about each course via the course page – the brochures are full of useful info to share with colleagues, family and friends, as well as to help you make the best decision!

The Opportunity

Our four courses provide a Data Scientist skill level at Beginner to Intermediate level –

For those that want to start a career as a Data Scientist.

For those that are already at Beginners and Intermediate Level, you can progress to the Advanced competence level – the four courses will cover Data Science competencies in much more depth and the duration of the four courses will be significantly longer. For those who are already Data Scientists but want to go to the next level to become an expert in Data Science. Contact us for more information.

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Our four courses are building blocks towards becoming a Data Scientist – Starting with Data Analytics powered by Excel and VBA.



Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation, in which we have expertise, are some of the essential steps understanding the problem and this makes us confident in the models we build. Our goal is to let the models help you to turn insights into decisions, quickly and effectively. We communicate results in a way as to simplify complex information and then turn this information into knowledge!

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Our courses are designed to suit your needs, level of competence, budget and schedule…

Data Analytics powered by Excel and VBA.

From a well-balanced blend of theory and practice delivered via eLearning and facilitated online/virtual sessions, the emphasis shifts to the practical application of what you have learned. Scrape data from websites, perform data clean-up, data shaping, data enriching – and many more essential data science responsibilities. In the process you will greatly improve your Excel and VBA expertise as well.

Data Science powered by SQL.

Working with data is foundational in order to unlock the power of data science. Being able to clean, transform, mine and mung large data sets are critical skills for any Data Professional. We teach you to work in SQL (supported by Excel and VBA), from basic queries to more complex operations where optimisation and database design are key.

Artificial Intelligence
(Machine Learning using Python – including GITHUB)

This course will help you to immediately add value in a workplace as a data scientist with knowledge of statistical analysis (exploratory, inferential and predictive), programming, Artificial Intelligence in the form of Machine Learning using Python. This course has a very practical angle with the theoretical knowledge necessary to become a data scientist hitting the ground running. The programming language Python is taught with many real-world examples using 3 different datasets. Many important statistical techniques used in all areas of business are covered.

Use Power BI as a visual analytics platform

The focus of this very practical learning module is on providing the learner with an opportunity to acquire the skills to use Business Intelligence (BI) Technologies to analyse and visualise data (BI toolsets and technologies refer to e.g. Power BI, R, Python, Tableau, Hadoop, Spark, etc.)

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