Take employees on a journey tailored to their
developmental needs.
Signify Learning Academy (SLA) provides
comprehensive learning and assessment solutions for
the various stages in an employee’s career lifecycle.

SLA is a comprehensive Skills Development Provider

We include psychometric and competency-based assessment solutions in our service offering.


We strive to make a difference in the lives of others through the provision of Accredited and Non-Accredited ETDP and Services SETA Learning and Development programmes.

At the same time, we can also assess employees to ensure the best fit in the organisation.

Skills Development Provider
Psychometric Assessment Service Provider
Competency-based Assessment Centre
Job Complexity Interviews (JCI)

Signify Learning Academy integrates the Signify Software model to assist organisations to manage the employment lifecycle from identification (recruitment) to termination.

Grow your people. Grow your business.

Our approach provides an end-to-end solution ensuring that your
employees are upskilled, competent, and have a great job-role fit.

Develop your Employees

Skills Development Provider (skills programmes and non-accredited workshops)

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Explore employee

Competency-based Assessment Centre

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Psychometric Assessment

It is all about the fit. We match the round peg with the round hole

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Match employee
capabilities with job

Job Complexity Interviews (JCI)

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Skills Development Provider (SDP)

SLA is a fully integrated SDP.
We provide learning opportunities and solutions to:





SLA provides ETDP and Services SETA accredited skills programmes.

We also provide several non-accredited workshops.
Here, we co-create a bespoke solution to match your needs and budget.

Programmes are delivered through eLearning or blended learning solutions.

Blended solutions can include classroom components, virtual online facilitation, and digital learning experiences.

Programmes are developed to cater for:

  • In-house use (for a single company) or
  • Public use (where individuals from various companies attend the same programme)

Competency-based Assessment Centre (simulations)

We use a combination of simulation technologies to assess the behaviour of employees who supervise or manage others (supervisors, junior, middle, senior, or executive managers).

Simulation technologies

In-basket simulations
Role-playing simulations
Interactive exercises
Case studies

Psychometric Assessment

We will help you discover, develop and succeed with the people in your organisation.

The context of measurement is the requirements of the position and the company culture.

We measure people in a holistic way, incorporating their:


Ability to deal with complexity
Personality traits
Cognitive ability
Emotional intelligence
Abilities and skills

We source best-practice assessments from various professional institutions.
We assess through all organisational levels nationally using our network of assessment experts.

The Competency-based Assessment Centre and Psychometric Assessment Services can assist you with…

  • Succession and Career Planning
  • Recruitment and & Selectio
  • Selection for Training Nominations
  • Performance Management
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Potential Identification
  • Skills Audits
  • Job Profiling
  • 360 Employee Evaluations

Job Complexity Interviews (JCI)

JCI enables us to explore the relationship
between people and their work.

In this 90-minute, one-on-one interview process, individuals receive an opportunity to explore their experience of work.

An employee can also reflect on their career, their aspirations and the type of work that they find challenging and stimulating. This includes those elements of work that frustrate and unnerve them.

JCI is primarily used as a career planning and development tool.

It can also be used in succession planning and organisational development processes for recruitment and selection.

Sometimes an individual’s capabilities do not match the scope of their job responsibilities.

​If an individual is asked to carry more extensive responsibilities than their capabilities allow, they are likely to:

  • become stressed
  • deny the complexity of the work assigned
  • feel misused by the organisation
  • be unable to cope with the demands of the position

In other cases, an individual’s capabilities may exceed their job responsibilities.

These employees will derive less and less satisfaction from their work and look elsewhere to focus their energies.

JCI allows us to address the mismatch between the employee’s job responsibilities and their own capabilities.

When employees feel that they know where they are going, uncertainty is manageable, and decisions come readily.

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